Pipe installation

Our main activity at Hobro Rustfri Procesteknik is manufacturing and installing process equipment and providing flow engineering solutions.

We are expert at pipe installation, tanks and pressure equipment. We have considerable experience in the installation of pre-insulated pipes. Our fitting teams are experienced pipe welders with their own service vehicles.

  • Construction of pipe systems (including pre-insulated)
  • Considerable experience of steam equipment, adjustment and welding of steam pipes
  • Sanitary installations
  • Pump installations
  • Energy optimisation
  • Valve matrices
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)
  • Pasteurisation
  • Membrane filtering

PtX – Power2Met – milk– water– acids/bases – gas and smoke - air

We work in accordance with the EN/ISO 3834-2 quality control system, both in the workshop and when fitting.

Production facillity from a danish dairy production
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Hobro Rustfri Procesteknik A/S
Benshøj industrivej 22, DK-9500 Hobro
Tlf.: 98 52 24 36